Housing SA renewal Peterhead

A number of concerned residents have contacted my office seeking information on the future of a number of Housing SA (now vacant) properties, specifically houses at 2-4,6-8 Trust Street and 1-3 and 5-7 Phillis Terrace. 

This redevelopment in Peterhead is part of the State Government's strategy to renew suburbs and neighbourhoods that have ageing South Australian Housing Trust (SAHT) homes as part of the Better Neighbourhoods Program (BNP) managed by Renewal SA.

As part of this program, properties are demolished and replaced with new properties funded by the sale of any extra new lots created by the subdivision of the original lots. This process will be staged and progressed subject to funding and the time required to liaise with existing tenants to relocate them to alternative suitable homes.

The land lots at 2-8 Trust Terrace and 1-7 Phillis Terrace are in the process of being subdivided and demolition of the last two homes at 5-7 Phillis Terrace is expected to be completed shortly. The 12 new lots created through this process are either being retained by the SAHT to replace the social houses that were demolished or will be sold on the open market to private purchasers to fund the construction of new social housing. Construction of a total of 10 replacement social houses - all single storey- is expected to start within 12 months..

A further approved BNP project involves the six SAHT properties at 14-24 Trust Terrace. This project is in the early stages of the redevelopment process with two homes demolished to date, another is vacant and three still occupied. This project will also create new lots used for a mix of replacement SAHT homes and lots sold privately.

The SAHT owns a further 21 outdated homes on Phillis Terrace and Trust Street. These properties will be reviewed by Renewal SA over the next 12-18 months with no decision yet for any further redevelopment.

More information can be found by visiting the Better Neighbourhoods Program website or by contacting my office.