Waste Water Pump Station, Lochside Drive

Over the past couple of weeks I have been approached by a number of residents from our community who have raised concerns about the odour being emitted by the Waste Water Pump Station bordering Lochside Drive and Frederick Road.

I wrote to the Minister for Water and the River Murray, the Hon Ian Hunter MLC, raising these concerns and I am pleased to announce a site inspection has been undertaken. As a result SA Water has cleaned and disinfected the site and will continue to monitor the odour system to identify any potential problems.

It is important that residents report all incidents of increased odour to SA Water’s Customer Service Centre on 1300 883 121.

I would like to thank the residents who brought this issue to my attention and I am pleased the problem in now being addressed. If you have any other issues, please raise them with me on 8268 2680.