Time Zones

The Government has asked the community to consider whether the state’s time zone presented a barrier to our social and economic progress, and whether or not there was merit in changing the state’s time zone.

As part of this process the Government spoke to South Australians across the state and asked them about their preferences for the time zone, and also what might need to change in order to mitigate any impacts.

A report has now been developed from the community consultation. The "What we heard" report outlines the findings from this initial phase of community consultation.

The report identified significant advantages in aligning with the major eastern states.

 You can download the report here

The Government also commissioned the South Australian Centre for Economic Studies to undertake a cost benefit analysis (i.e. economic analysis) of the two potential changes to South Australia’s time zone:

Shifting half an hour back to “true” Central Standard Time (“true" CST) which would be Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) +9.00 or shifting half an hour forwards to Eastern Standard Time (EST), UTC +10.00.

This report has estimated $2.5 billion in net economic benefits to the State from a shift to EST.

You can download the report here

The Government is favouring a shift to Eastern Standard Time (EST) following the consideration of these two reports into the benefits or difficulties a potential change in time zone could cause. However, more work needed to be done before we can make a proper judgement.

Minister Hamilton-Smith is going to undertake two more pieces of work looking at: the effect of a change on the Adelaide Airport and airlines and any potential measures to minimise the impact of any change to the west coast community, including the option of a local, unofficial time.

You can continue to provide feedback on the time zone or the report.

Post: Time Zone, Department of State Development, GPO Box 320 Adelaide 5001

Email: dsd.timezone@sa.gov.au

All of the feedback received will help inform the decision on whether or not change should be recommended.