Justice Reinvestment - Port Adelaide

The South Australian Government has committed to implementing Justice Reinvestment trials in two locations.

Port Adelaide has been selected as a potential trial area. In order to get it right from the start, we need to consider what the community might think about it and how it might work.

The Attorney-General’s Department (with support from PwC’s Indigenous Consulting (PIC)) will be consulting with community members, service providers, government, non-government organisations and others about what a trial justice reinvestment project could look like for Port Adelaide. We will need to consider what features might be needed for it to work well and what sort of partnership might be required.

Consultation will include a series of workshops in July and August at Tauondi College, Port Adelaide. An advisory group chaired by Paul Vandenbergh has also been established.

Workshop details:

Introduction workshops

What is justice reinvestment? What should it look like? What partnerships could help?
•9.30 am Monday 27 July 2015
•1.00 pm Tuesday 28 July 2015
•1.00 pm Thursday 30 July 2015

Checking back workshops

What have we heard and testing outcomes. Where to from here?
•9.30 am Monday 3 August 2015
•1.00pm Thursday 6 August 2015.

To attend a workshop register your interest by email:  strategicpolicy@agd.sa.gov.au or phone: 8463 3670 or 8204 9849