Update: Ambulance Cover

South Australians will continue to have access to interstate Ambulance Cover with the SA Ambulance Service offering a new tiered scheme.  

In April, the SA Ambulance Service proposed to remove interstate coverage from its Ambulance Cover scheme.  

In response to community feedback, the Ambulance Service committed to carrying out an independent review of Ambulance Cover to look at alternative structures for Ambulance Cover to provide interstate cover in a financially sustainable way. 

SA Ambulance Service has now introduced two levels of cover to provide members with greater control over the level of security they need.  

Standard Ambulance Cover will continue to include all ambulance attendance within South Australia, with interstate coverage available at a small additional cost.  

Members on single plans will be able to top up their membership to include national coverage for $15 per year, or $30 for those on family plans.

The tiered scheme will apply to all new memberships and renewals issued from 1 November 2016. In the meantime, your existing membership conditions will remain, including interstate cover. 

The changes mean the SA Ambulance Service can continue to offer a sustainable and high-quality Ambulance Cover product to the majority of South Australians while providing a competitively priced solution for those people in the community who regularly travel interstate.

SA Ambulance Volunteers who receive Ambulance Cover in recognition of their service are unaffected by these changes and will continue to receive  nationwide cover.  

For more information on the changes to Ambulance Cover please telephone SA Ambulance Customer Service Centre on 1300 136 272 or contact via  email on healthsaasambulancecover@sa.gov.au