Price changes for electricity and gas


A number of power companies have notified their South Australian customers that there will be a price increase effective from 1 July, claiming the cost and availability of coal and gas supply for electricity generation. 

This is an unwelcome hit to household budgets and South Australian businesses. 

The State Government has ensured that customers are able to shop around to get the best
possible rate.  

The State Government has announced a feasibility study that will look at better connecting with Eastern markets to gain greater access to baseload power and find new markets for SA’s cheap renewable energy.

The renewable energy industry is experiencing huge growth and it is important that our national energy rules and regulations keeps up with advances in the sector. 

Visit for more information.  

Ways to manage your energy bill

Compare Plans – search and compare the best electricity and gas offers available in your area

Look online – free energy advice and information at

Seek advice – call the Energy Advice Service on 8204 1888 or email

Audit your home – home energy audit kits can be borrowed free of charge from loc
al libraries

Concessions –  Up to $215 is available to eligible South Australians for energy and gas payments


Reductions in water and gas prices have been announced in recent weeks. The cost of gas will
decrease by 14.4% and the cost of water and sewerage will decrease by 6.7% 

Next year the average residential customer’s gas bill will reduce by about $144. 

Businesses can expect on average a saving of $750 in their gas bill South Australian households and businesses will also see reduced water and sewerage bills in 2016-17, with the average metropolitan residential customer saving $87