Community Consultation: Recreational Fishing

Each year, more than 277,000 men, women and children engage in recreational fishing in South Australia. For future generations to continue to enjoy this popular past-time, Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) must make regular assessments of our fish stocks and implement policies to ensure the long-term sustainability of recreational fishing.

On Saturday, the South Australian Government released three papers which outlined proposals for community consultation looking at a range of measures to manage recreational fishing.

They are:
•    Draft management plan for recreational fishing in South Australia;
•    Review of size, bag and boat limits in South Australia's recreational fishing sector; and
•    Management options for King George Whiting in South Australia (commercial and recreational).

The public consultation period ends on Friday, April 29.

To view the documents, community meeting dates and details on how to provide feedback, visit


Stephen Mullighan MP