Climate change strategy for South Australia

The South Australian Government is building on the State’s strong record on climate action through a new climate strategy. In South Australia we have seen the benefits of renewable energy. Because of Labor’s strong action we now have almost 40 per cent of our State’s electricity generated from renewable sources and over $6 billion has been invested in our State and thousands of jobs created as a result. 

South Australia’s carbon pollution is 9 per cent lower than it was in 1990 while the economy has grown 60 per cent. 

Our aim is to have at least 50 per cent of electricity come from renewable sources by 2025 and achieve $10 billions of investment in low carbon technology. 

Now is the time to review our State’s strategy and ensure we can capitalise fully on the benefits of a low carbon economy by encouraging innovation, attracting the investment on offer, fostering new industries all while cutting our carbon pollution, boosting renewable energy and supporting jobs. 

Your input is crucial if we going to keep leading Australia on climate action.  Visit the SA Government’s YourSay website to register for events and get involved in the discussion.