Uber X ridesharing service

I have recently received a number of emails to my office from members of our community regarding the Uber X ridesharing service.

I would like to thank those members of our community for their support for sensible safety-based ridesharing regulation.

The South Australian Government ensures that those who operate a passenger transport service, such as a taxi or hire car, are subject to appropriate safety regulation. Drivers are required to obtain the relevant police checks and Working with Children clearances, while vehicles are regularly inspected.

On 30th April, I announced a review into the taxi and hire car industries, and the regulation of these industries by government. The outcomes of this review will focus on the need to provide the best possible service for customers, and encouraging innovation and competition, while ensuring necessary protections for passenger and driver safety are maintained. Over the course of the review, a number of issues including the use of emerging technology will be explored, and any possible changes to the current regulations will be considered.

The South Australian Government believes the system should allow innovation and fair competition within the passenger transport industry, while preserving the safety every passenger has the right to expect.