Changes to St Margaret's Rehabilitation Hospital

St Margaret’s is a valued institution with a long history of providing quality care and rehabilitation for residents on the LeFevre Peninsula.

St Margaret’s will not be closed by the government and health services will continue to be provided, however it is proposed that rehabilitation services relocate to a new unit of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

I stand with residents that St Margaret’s is an important part of the community and must continue to deliver health services for our community in the future.

As your local member I am lobbying hard to ensure that an important role is played by St Margaret’s in providing health care to our community.

I am committed to continuing genuine engagement and listening, and acting on residents’ concerns.  I am also committed to providing as much information as possible on the reasoning for the options being considered.

Change is challenging, especially for a process which is expected to fundamentally transform many aspects of our hospital system. However, I know our doctors want to build the best quality system we can for the benefit of patients.

If you would like a copy of the Transforming Health in the western suburbs information brochure please contact my office.