Tattooing Industry Control Bill 2015

The Tattooing Industry Control Bill implements the South Australian Government ’s election commitment to ban members of organised crime gangs and their associates from owning and controlling tattoo parlours and sing them as a front for illegal activity. 

The Bill introduces a negative licensing scheme for the tattooing industry. Under this scheme a person will not be required to obtain a licence to provide tattooing services, however, a person who is a member of a prescribed organisation or a close associate of a member of a prescribed organisation will be disqualified from providing tattooing services once the legislation comes into operation. Providing tattooing services whilst disqualified is an offence with a maximum penalty of four years imprisonment. Legitimate business owners will not be impacted by this legislation. 

It is the Government’s view that the Bill is a necessary and appropriate tool to assist in the removal of criminal elements from the tattooing industry and to disrupt the illegal activities of organised crime gangs.