Universal Access to 15 hours of preschool per week

A message from the Minister for Education and Child Development: 

I am pleased to confirm that the State Government has agreed to 15 hours per week of preschool for public preschools under the National Partnership Agreement on Universal Access to Early Childhood Education 2016 and 2017.
DECD preschools have been advised to confirm arrangements with families and staff at the first opportunity.
Arrangements have not been able to be confirmed earlier as a formal offer was only provided by the Australian Government to States and Territories over the past fortnight.
The Australian Government has addressed concerns raised by South Australia and other States and Territories with the agreement, which could have put at risk the delivery of the extra 3 hours per week.
I am pleased to also confirm that South Australia will continue to deliver programs to assist children with additional and/or complex needs to participate in preschool including the delivery of Inclusive Preschool Programs (IPPs) in six locations and the provision of a preschool program at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.