Regional Events & Festivals Program and Community Events Development Fund

Project Details

Events South Australia provides sponsorship support to a number of large and small events. Smaller events that promote South Australia and its regions as tourism destinations are funded through the Regional Events and Festivals Program and Community Events Development Fund.

The Regional Events and Festivals Program provides financial support towards marketing and PR for events which promote South Australia and its regions as tourism destinations.
No maximum amount per event has been set when applying for support through the Regional Events and Festivals Program, however applicants are reminded to be realistic in their proposals.

The Community Events Development Fund supports new, smaller or community-based events seeking to increase their tourism relevance, or undertake a specific project to achieve this.
A maximum of $5,000 per event will be allocated through the Community Event Development Fund.

Applicants for both funding types must provide a marketing/promotion plan and associated budget to prove financial viability and to outline how funds will be used if successful.

Project Eligibility

Event South Australia’s Regional Events & Festivals Program and Community Events Development Fund provides support to tourism events that;

•Increase event-specific visitor expenditure from intrastate and/or interstate audiences

•Contribute to a balanced event calendar – events held outsidepeak event (January-April) and holiday seasons will be given preference.

•Generate media coverage in the State and nationally.

•Support the state's strategic plan and economic priorities.

•Relate to the state’s tourism initiatives as highlighted in therevised South Australian Tourism Plan and the SATC Corporate Plan.

•Are strategically important to their tourism region and are able to align with the relevant Destination Action Plan and/or regional brand.

•Provide an opportunity or pathway for Events South Australia to bid for other desired national or international major events.

•Are financially viable with a sustainable management model

•Contribute to the cultural and social fabric of the State

•Provide a legacy which positively impacts on the community

It is important to be aware that not all applications will be successful. The program is very competitive and the amount allocated to the Fund is divided across the regions wherever possible. Events that can substantiate claims related to tourism benefits will be looked upon favourably.

The Fund does not support events;

•Occurring in South Australia on a rotational basis with otherstates such as exhibitions, symposiums and conferences.

•New Year’s Eve celebrations, Christmas pageants, fireworksdisplays, tours, open gardens, open days, club rallies, markets,reunions, conventions, performances, fundraising activities,expos or exhibitions, business conferences, education events oragricultural shows.

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