Robert Stigwood Fellowship Program

Project Details

The Robert Stigwood Fellowship Program supports the development of emerging artists and music industry entrepreneurs. Through an annual program, participants will be connected with global industry representatives for professional and artistic development. There are two streams to the Robert Stigwood Fellowship Program – Industry Fellows and Artist Fellows.

Project Eligibility

Applications will be considered from professional South Australian musicians/artists that are composing and performing their own music. Applicants must have a current, commercially available recording and touring experience in the Australian market. Ideally (although not mandatory), applicants will be self-managed, or managed by an emerging industry representative. Applicants who have any outstanding funding acquittals with Arts SA or DMTIRE will not be eligible for this program. Participants in the program will continue to be eligible to apply for grants and assistance through the Music Development Office, however, are advised to discuss with representatives prior to submitting an application.

More information: view website.