Automotive Supplier Diversification Program (ASDP)

Project Details

The Automotive Supplier Diversification program is an $11.65 million initiative by the South Australian Government to assist automotive supply chain manufacturers impacted by the announcement by Holden to cease engineering and manufacturing activities in Australia by the end of 2017. The program has been specifically designed to provide a unique package of support to firms operating in the automotive supply chain to ensure they are provided with timely and relevant advice and assistance based on their specific circumstances.

The Automotive Supplier Diversification program also includes the Fast Track Initiative, which is available for local automotive supply chain companies to transform by undertaking low cost, low risk projects. Eligible projects may include website design, certifications, consultation, market research and other business activities related to diversification strategies, up to $15,000.00 per grant.

Project Eligibility

Eligible South Australian automotive supply chain companies can apply for ASDP funding, based upon the guidelines.

More information: view website.