New penalties for attacking public transport workers start today

Everyone should be safe at work, public transport workers  provide  a very valuable service, and they shouldn't have to face violence in their workplace.Each year, far too many public transport workers are assaulted by passengers while they are simply trying to do their job.

Our dedicated staff must be able to serve their community in a safe environment without the fear of being attacked on the job.

Laws to increase penalties for assaulting public transport workers start on Friday 22 April 2016.

The State Government is committed to providing a safe and secure public transport system for staff and commuters. That’s why we’re increasing penalties for offences against public transport workers by up to 50%, just like they already apply to offences against police, health and emergency service workers.

We are sending a clear message to all South Australians that we will not tolerate any act of violence  towards the people who work on our public transport services, whether they are drivers, security officers or any other staff.

If  you  witness  illegal  behaviour  on  the  public  transport  network  we  urge  you  to  call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit the Crime Stoppers website. You can remain anonymous.