Support our Steel

Today the Treasurer unveiled the State Government’s Support our Steel campaign at South Australia’s first Steel Summit, held at the Adelaide Convention Centre.
The Summit was attended by almost 200 representatives from construction and building companies, industry groups and Government along with contractors, architects, engineers, steelmakers and fabricators.   They were brought together to discuss efforts to support the industry as well as the aims of the State Government’s new steel procurement policy and Steel Taskforce announced late last year. 

Our steelmakers and fabricators are facing major challenges and low-cost imports from countries with inferior quality standards than Australia. This is having a detrimental impact on our steel industry.   South Australia wants every state and also the Federal Government to get behind us to ensure quality and safety standards are implemented.
Last year, the Government announced a new steel policy that mandates all future State Government construction builds use steel only from Australian-standard certified fabricators and mills and we want other governments to implement similar mandates.

Read the full press release here and join the campaign here

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