Largs Bay Station upgrades

The completion of work at Largs station will provide improved facilities and greater access for people with a disability as well as making the station more accessible to all public transport users.

Refurbishments to improve access for people with a disability included raising sections of each platform and the installation of new ramps at the Jetty Road end of the station.

To complement the station works a new road pedestrian crossing was installed at Mead Street which will further improve access for all pedestrians.

The value of the upgrade, including the pedestrian crossing is $220,000.

The Outer Harbor line is extremely popular, with around 11,000 people using the line every week day.

On average around 375 passengers get on and off trains at Largs Station every week day and by making it easier for people to access the station this number is expected to increase.

These works to improve access to public transport services and facilities for people with a disability began in November last year and are now complete.

I would like to thank members of our community for their patience during this period.