South Australia to aim for zero emissions by 2050

Increasing global temperatures poses a significant challenge for the State. The most recent evidence from the World Meteorological Organisation shows that the last 5 years were the hottest on the record. South Australia is the driest state on the driest continent in the World. 

But, tackling global warming presents great opportunities for the State. South Australia has some of the best renewable resources in the world – our abundance of wind and solar among other clean energy sources makes as an attractive place for investors.

The challenge for South Australia is how to get this investment and make the State a showcase for renewables and clean technology innovation and help create the jobs of tomorrow.

$6.6 billion has already been invested in renewable energy in the State, creating thousands of jobs – including in the regions – and resulted in 41 per cent of the State’s energy coming from wind and solar power.

To build on this the South Australian Labor Government has set a new carbon pollution reduction target: net zero emissions by 2050.

Setting this target sends a clear signal to business: if you want to do business in the low-carbon economy, if you want to help the world get there, if you want to innovate – come to South Australia.

Tackling global warming is important because it threatens our State’s agriculture and water supply but it’s also an economic imperative for SA to seize the opportunities provided in clean technology future.

More information about the measures South Australia is taking to build a low-carbon economy can be found below: